Darwinex Zero is a gateway for you to access the Darwinex investment ecosystem without needing or risking your own capital.

  • All types of trading strategies are welcome: the most important thing is to trade well. There are no limitations on your trading, and your interests and those of Darwinex Zero are entirely aligned.
  • You get your DARWIN investable index, a legal and regulated asset that makes your strategy comparable to a CTA or a fund.
  • Darwinex is your first backer/investor, allocating capital from as little as 40 days after you start and paying the corresponding performance fees..
  • Generate a profitable track record with your DARWIN and progress to DarwinIA Gold, where Darwinex’s capital allocations are higher, and you can receive backing from third-party investors.
  • Access a professional trading ecosystem where traders have already captured more than €15 million in investment → there are no limits!
  • Become a professional manager for less than the cost of your gym subscription.

D-Zero caters to 2 types of traders:

  • New traders who are realistic and looking to do things correctly from day 1.
  • Profitable traders who want to monetize their trading strategy.