The Majority Input Gate (MIG) PIN, monitors the output of any other PIN and allows for the configuration of logical conditions to pass the signal when a minimum number of symbols agree.

For example, in the image, the Own Pairs list of the MIG PIN is configured with seven EUR pairs. The Input PIN is set to monitor PIN 99, and the Minumum number of agreeing signals is set to four. In this case five of the EUR pairs have a buy signal. This meets the minimum of four, causing all the matching signals (i.e. all buy signals) to be sent to the Signal PIN #, which is PIN 9.

By choosing suitable indicator PINs and configuring suitable symbol groups, this gives the potential to create logical setups that filter weaker signals, for example.

Download “Majority Input Gate PIN” JagzFX_PIN_MIG_v1_00.ex4 – Downloaded 24 times – 32 KB