seem to be tightening up on the signals that they will allow on their website. For some time MQL has added warnings and disabled subscriptions to accounts with high drawdown or low trading activity. Just recently I’ve had the following message on one of my accounts.:

Signals with large number of open positions/pending orders and with excessive trading history are automatically moved to the archive. First, such signals impede efficient copying of trades for subscribers (impossibility to maintain money management). Second, the huge amount of transferred data lead to enormous load on the Signals service. Moderator’s comments

Actually, I agree that accounts with many open and/or pending trades are not good candidates for copying. That’s one of the reasons why I trade using PAMM accounts. However, it’s a shame that they have chosen to force such accounts into the archived state, since doing this means that the statistics are not updated. Why not just disable the copying and leave the account there for others to view and examine, and what do they mean by excessive trading history?