Hi, I’m Robert Jagger, aka Jagz, and I’m the founder of JagzFX.com

I founded and subsequently sold an IT services company, which has gifted me a wealth of experience in financial management, customer service, and internet-based communication systems.

I first became interested in trading through my studies in statistics, data science, and machine learning; so no prizes for guessing that my trading is mainly automated!

I have researched and tested a wide range of technical trading systems, each with their strengths and weakness. I have had successes, and I have made mistakes!

But, as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and from these highs and lows, I have learnt to build profitable systems and EAs.

In developing a trading system, I start with algorithms that demonstrate a high profit-to-draw-down ratio, and I then incorporate mechanisms to detect and avoid high-risk events.

If you are here, it’s likely that you already have some experience of trading, or you are thinking about giving it a try. Maybe you are thinking about signal copying?

This is a road I have also travelled. Despite a firm technical grounding, I have struggled to find trustworthy signals and to copy them reliably to my accounts.

Finally, I decided that my best course of action was to develop and build my own trading tools and systems.

I founded JagzFX.com as a place to showcase the tools I am building and to support the community of traders who want to use them.

I’ve made a whole bunch of tools available for free and, for a small monthly fee, Premium Members have access to JagzFX Premium Trading Tools and priority technical support.

May the forex be with you!