Darwinex ZERO – Become an Investable Trader

Darwinex Zero is a gateway for you to access the Darwinex investment ecosystem without needing or risking your own capital. All types of trading strategies are welcome: the most important thing is to trade well. There are no limitations on your trading, and your interests and those of Darwinex Zero are entirely aligned. You get (more…)

Premium MUX Pin v1.08 + option to limit signal duration

This version includes a new option to limit the MUX output signal to a maximum amount of time. For example, you can limit a BUY or SELL signal to just a few seconds, long enough for pinTrader to open a trade. The MUX output will then turn off (preventing additional trades) until new signal conditions (more…)

JagzFX Premium OnePIN v1.15

JagzFX Premium Members now have their own version of OnePIN with extra features. v1.15 adds five new modes, MA shift parameter and improved broker suffix autodetection. New Modes Price Touches Line (PTL) The following modes can be used with indicators that place bands or levels above and below the price, such as Bollinger Bands, Donchian (more…)