Free Edition

The Multiplexer (MUX) Pin combines multiple Pins into one signal. The MUX Pin allows the creation of sophisticated entry and exit signals by combining pins for multiple indicators and multiple timeframes.

Logic conditions can be set such that all source signals must agree, the majority agree, or that any individual source signal will enable the output signal.

Source signals can be used to block or allow the output signal or to filter just an opposite signal. Source signals can also be reversed.

Day-of-week filter allows signals to be allowed or blocked based on the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

Free Edition Information and Updates

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Download “JagzFX PIN Multiplexer”

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Premium Edition

This version requires a JagzFX Premium Membership subscription and includes all the functionality of the free edition plus additional features including signal time extension and time limiting.

Premium Edition Information and Updates

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Download “JagzFX Multiplexer PIN Premium Edition”

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