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Posts published in “JagzFX Free Tools”

JagzFX Free Trading Tools are completely free to use and have no built-in time limitation or other hidden restrictions. They are intended for experimentation purposes only. I do not recommend using them on live accounts. If you use these tools you do so at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury, war, planetary annihilation, hurt feelings or any other consequence of using my software or acting on my opinions or comments.

pinTrader v1.08 update adds a multi-mode spread filter, 1 trade per candle limit and more informative UI

This new version of pinTrader adds the option to filter signals based on spreads (either fixed pips, as a proportion of ADR, or using a externally supplied value), and the ability to limit orders to one per candle period. Additions to the user interface display the status of filtering, and the ability to open symbol charts with one click.

BreakOut Box (BOB) PIN v1.03

BOB has had some upgrades to make him work better with indices, metals and even with those nasty brokers that use suffixes. PREMIUM MEMBERS: Watch out for my BOB setups for FTSE100 and SPX500, coming soon.

JagzFX pinTrader v1.07 Released

This is a maintenance release to correct bugs and issues found in v1.06. The User Manual will be updated to reflect these changes. Change Log…

MACD Indicator PIN

The JagzFX MACD Indicator PIN v1.01 works with trading dashboards such as EAX, TDESK and Mathias MADEX NextGen. The MACD PIN includes the following Modes:

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