The PIN Multiplexer (MUX) has been around for a while now and allows you to combine the inputs of other PINs in a boolean fastion: AND, OR, NOR, NAND, etc. You can read about the concepts in this post.

This version updates the MUX PIN to my latest dashboard integration functions and coding standards, which fixes an issue with the displaying of alerts and the sending of notifications and emails. It also includes a new Filter mode (added in v1.04 which was not published).

Download “JagzFX PIN Multiplexer”

JagzFX_PIN_MUX_v1_06.ex4 – Downloaded 271 times – 60.42 KB

PIN Multiplexer Change Log

//|                                                  PIN Multiplexer |
//|                                           Copyright 2020, JagzFX |
//|                                      |
//| v1.00   First version
//| v1.01   Updated: use CDashEAX v1.02 library
//|   "     Added: Any and Majority output modes
//|   "     Added: boolean input modes (Allow & Block)
//|   "     Added: options to select days of trading
//| v1.03   Added: ability to generate TDesk signals
//| v1.04   Added: Filter mode: only block opposite output
//| v1.05   Updated: use CDashEAX v1.04 (Fixes alert functions).
//|   "     Reorganised settings: Channel modes at the top
//| v1.06   Updated: use CDashEAX v1.05 (Option to prefix notifications)