v1.17 add two new modes: 2 Lines Not Null and 2 Lines Above/Below levels. OnePin Premium is available exclusively to JagzFX Premium Members.

New Modes

  • 2 Lines Not Null (2NN). This mode handles the situation where an indicator has two buffers that only contain a value at certain times and at other times the buffers are empty (null). 2NN mode simply checks for the presence of a value in the buffer. A value in Buffer A sends a long signal, and a value in Buffer B sends a short signal.
  • 2 Lines Above/Below Levels (2AB). This mode works in a similar manner to mode 2NN, however, the buffer values are compared against the specified levels. For a long signal, Buffer A must be above the long level, and for a short signal, Buffer B must be below the short level.

Download “JagxFX Premium OnePIN”

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