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JagzFX Premium Trading Tools are a premium product available only to JagzFX Premium Members, Premium Members pay a monthly subscription and are entitled to use all JagzFX Premium Tools and to request priority technical support on all JagzFX Trading Software. Use of these tools is at your own risk and I accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury, death by antibiotic-resistant superbugs, bruised egos or other consequence of using my software or acting on my opinions or comments.

JagzFX PinCopier

Ever needed to copy pin signals between two MT4 terminals? With JagzFX PinCopier you can generate pin signals on one MT4 terminal and send them…

How to use JagzFX Premium Tools with your MT4 account.

JagzFX Premium Trading Tools for MT4 are coming soon! Before you can successfully run any of the JagzFX Premium Trading Tools you will need to follow these three steps: 1. Ensure you have an active JagzFX Premium Membership. 2. Licence your MT4 account numbers on the JagzFX website. 3. Install the JagzFX Licence Manager EA on your MT4 terminals

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