PAMM Accounts: How I choose investments

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice. In a previous post, I covered the unexpected, and in my opinion misjudged, change to the Alpari’s PAMM account ratings. One positive consequence of falling into distrust of their rating system: it forced me to develop my own. Fortunately, Alpari has left (more…)

Alpari PAMM Ratings Snafu: Part 2

In my previous post on Alpari’s change to their rating system, I expressed my dismay with the Dynamic ranking algorithm, but I did not go into detail. 6 weeks on I still feel that this is a bad rating system that is potentially misleading to investors. In this post, I do some digging into the (more…)

Alpari PAMM Ratings Snafu

It was all going so well … For some time I have been trading using Alpari PAMM accounts. These ‘Proportional Allocation Management Module’ accounts allow both the trader’s and investors’ money to be in the same account with the system keeping track of who the money belongs to. There are several pros to such accounts: (more…)

MQL5: Apparently I’m trading too much! seem to be tightening up on the signals that they will allow on their website. For some time MQL has added warnings and disabled subscriptions to accounts with high drawdown or low trading activity. Just recently I’ve had the following message on one of my accounts.: Signals with large number of open positions/pending orders (more…)

What copier settings and lot sizing should I use?

To get reliable results from a signal and to protect your money, you need to configure the copier properly. The settings you choose will affect, amongst other things, the size of the trades on your account. DO NOT ASSUME that the default settings offered up by the copier platform are the best!