BOB has had some upgrades to make him work better with indices, metals and even with those nasty brokers that use suffixes.

To use BOB for automated trading of indices, metals, and other non-forex symbols, you will also need a non-forex-capable Dashboard EA such as JagzFX pinTrader.

PREMIUM MEMBERS: Watch out for my BOB setups for FTSE100 and SPX500, coming soon.

Change Log

v1.00   First version
  "     There are two signal types:
  "     Breakout (entry): the PIN generates an entry signal when the breakout occurs
  "     Takeprofit (exit): generates an exit signal when the TP level is reached 
  "     Each signal type has a choice of modes:
  "     Crossing mode: The signal is generated only as the price crosses into the Breakout/Takeprofit level
  "     Continous mode: The signal is genereated continously whilst the price is in the Breakput/Takeprofit zone
v1.01   ! Divide by zero on FTSE 100
v1.02   ! Divide by zero on
  "     + Update to CDashEAX v1.08
v1.03   + Update to CDashEAX_v1_09 (Improved AutoDetectSuffix function and manual suffix)

Download “BreakOut Box (BOB) PIN”

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