Multi-symbol dashboard trading expert adviser

JagzFX pinTrader is a dashboard Expert Advisor for Metatrader4 (MT4). It takes advantage of the growing library of Plug-in Indicators – ‘Pins’ – available from JagzFX and others that provide entry and exit signals for trading strategies. Whilst other dashboards can use Pins, they are often complex, including many built-in indicators and commonly missing features such as risk-based position sizing and the ability to trade non-forex symbols, including gold and indices.

  • pinTrader v1.09 featured image
  • pinTrader v1_08 Display Screenshot
  • Picture of BOB Pin and pinTrader EA working on FTSE100
  • pinTrader v1.06 Trading Forex
  • pinTrader v1.06 Trading Indices and Gold

Design Concepts

The following priorities led to the development of pinTrader:

  • To provide versatile money-management options with automatic position sizing for each symbol based on fixed money or percentage risk. Risk can be managed at three levels: per trade via position sizing, per symbol via fixed-cash or account-percentage SL/TP, and across the entire basket again cash or percentage SL/TP and Trailing stop.
  • To provide the ability to trade metals and indices in addition to forex.
  • To be simple to learn and understand. By excluding almost all indicators the configuration is less confusing for new users and an on-chart status panel provides a clear explanation of how pinTrader is configured and what its next action will be.
  • To be lean and quick. The code is optimized to keep CPU utilization low and to be able to respond quickly to signal changes.



Download “JagzFX pinTrader Dashboard EA for MT4” JagzFX-PINtrader-v1_09.ex4 – Downloaded 128 times – 435 KB