This is a maintenance release to correct bugs and issues found in v1.06. The User Manual will be updated to reflect these changes.

Change Log

! More than max overall trades opened, despite panel display showing that limit is reached.
! More than max overall trades opened when EA restarted with existing positions.
! PrintFormat of money amount when trailing stop closes a basket (non-string passed).
! Heading alignment on money management SL & TP columns
! Trailing Stop is not being triggered as expected
~ Renamed "Open" to "Profit"
! "Volume is not a multiple of min step" when trading NATGAS, etc.
! Losing basket count incorrectly incremented when a winning basket occurs.
! Trades are repeatedly opened and closed after manual basket close.
+ Detect if Broker Server is stopped and not accepting trades (e.g. at weekends)
+ Add more detail to basket close logging, e.g. basket Hi, Lo, Locked,

Download “JagzFX pinTrader Dashboard EA for MT4”

JagzFX_pinTrader_v1_18_b1.ex4 – Downloaded 475 times – 628.81 KB

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Please note, if you downloaded v1.07 and it incorrectly displays the message “Broker Server not running”, please delete your copy of 1.07 and download the EA again. My apologies for the inconvenience.