PinTrader v1.09 includes the following new and updated functionality:


A Weekly session is now provided allowing the weekly start day/time and end day/time to be set.

Multiple Daily (intraday) sessions can now be specified. Each session has the format hh:mm-hh:mm e.g. 01:10-07:59. To run multiple sessions, separate the individual sessions with a comma: 01:10-07:59,10:01-13:59.

When both Weekly and Daily sessions are enabled simultaneously, the Weekly session will constrain/override the Daily session. For example, if you have a daily session configured to run from 01:00-23:00 and a weekly session configured to start Monday 08:00 and end Friday 21:00, the daily session on Monday will start at the later weekly time of 08:00 (instead of 01:00), and the daily session on Friday will end at the earlier weekly time of 21:00 (instead of 23:00). All other session start and end times will occur as specified in the Daily session.

When using end of session close modes (Close All Trades, Close Winning Trades, Close Losing Trades), Defer close until next candle has been added to defer the closing of trades that have opened on the current candle. For example, setting this option to D1 will close trades that were opened before today and will not close the trades opened today.

An additional panel has been added to display the session information.


The minimum time allowed between open trades is now be set in seconds, minutes or hours.

A new timed exit option Close orders older than allows orders to be closed after a specified amount of time, set in seconds, minutes or hours.


In addition to account Balance and Equity, Free Margin can now be used as the basis for lot size calculation.

A new stop-loss calculation method allows stop-distance based on the recent highest candle for short trades or recent lowest candle for long trades. When using recent candles to calculate stop-loss, there is a risk of a very tight (small) distance being calculated. A new option allows a minimum stop-loss to be set as a proportion of ADR to alleviate this.


When other EAs are trading on the account, the available balance and equity will change with the activity of those systems. When using % balance or %equity to calculate basket values, this other trading activity can cause TP/SL/TS targets to fluctuate. A new option allows the balance/equity to be frozen at the start of the session to ensure that TP/SL/TS targets remain constant until the session ends of the basket is closed.

A new option allows the basket TP/SL/TS values to account for trades that have already closed during the same session. For example, the basket TP has been set at $5; however, exit signals have closed trades with a loss of $2, the basket will now require the remaining trades to reach a profit of $7 (making up for the loss) before the TP is triggered.

A new option allows the EA to take a snapshot when the basket TP/SL/TS is triggered.

Hovering the mouse over the Main Basket panel will display a popup window providing information about the basket settings and calculations.


More information about the status of each symbol has been added to the popup window displayed when hovering the mouse over the symbol name in the left-hand column.

Download “JagzFX pinTrader Dashboard EA for MT4”

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