What’s new in pinTrader v1.08

+ [SESSION CONTROL] Option to allow/disallow pins to close trades between sessions (when trades are left open).
+ [MAIN BASKET] Option to freeze starting balance/equity at start of each session (for basket SL/TP/TS calculations).
+ [LIMIT AND HOLD] Option to allow only one trade per candle (H1, H4, etc.).
+ [LIMIT AND HOLD] Option to filter trades based on Spread. Filter Modes: None, Pips, ADR, and External GV.
+ [DETAIL PANEL] New column displaying current spread and the status of spread filtering for each symbol.
+ [DETAIL PANEL] Clicking on a symbol name opens the chart for that symbol; timeframe will match the pinTrader chart.
+ [DETAIL PANEL] The symbol name will be highlighted using the enabled color when it is not being filtered.
+ [DETAIL PANEL] The symbol name will be displayed using the neutral color when it is being filtered.
+ [DETAIL PANEL] Hovering the mouse pointer over the symbol name will display the status of the trade filters.

Download “JagzFX pinTrader Dashboard EA for MT4”

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