OnePIN now has a dedicated mode for buffer based arrow indicators.

Many MT4 indicators display an intermittent symbol, such as an arrow or dot, to indicate the point of change in trend or other market condition. Provided that the indicator displays the arrows using buffers (and not chart objects), OnePIN can detect the arrows and provide a direction signal.

Using Up/Down Arrow mode

To create signals from arrows using OnePIN, configure the Custom Indicator Name and Indicator Parameters and set the Up/Down Arrows mode. Next, you need to identify the MT4 chart buffers that contain the arrows. Place your arrow indicator on an MT4 chart and open the MT4 Data Window (Ctrl-D). To find the buffer used for up arrows, move your mouse over the arrows on the chart, and check which of the data buffers only has a value when you hover over an up arrow. Set the OnePIN Buffer A (First Line / Up Arrow) input to match the identified buffer (First, Second, Third, etc.). Now repeat this to find the buffer used for the Down arrows, and set the Buffer B (Second Line / Down Arrow) input.

Change Log

    JagzFX ONE PIN 
    Copyright 2021, JagzFX
    v1.00    + First version
    v1.01    + 2 Colour Histogram, Price versus Lines A & B
    v1.02    ! PAB with arrow buffers
             + Set the name of the indicator in the pin heading area   
    v1.03    + Dedicated Up/Down Arrow mode
             + Changed  buffer selection to a dropdown list (less confusing)
             ! Minor changes and fixes

Download “JagzFX OnePIN Free”

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Please note, there was a problem with the download version control. Please check that you have downloaded v1,03.