This is a PIN version of the Angleator indicator used in Davit’s Pivot Trading thread on ForexFactory.

I believe that the original version was developed by griffinssoul, but there have been other contributors over time. I have built this PIN version using my internal TDI code – the same as I used for the TDI MTF PIN – so it does not need any external indicators, and is easier on CPU and RAM.

If you are not familiar with the Angleator indicator, I recommend that you research it … just search FF for “Angleator” and you will find many references.

Together with SnR and TDI, this should give us a good toolkit to design and test some new strategies.

Download “JagzFX Angleator PIN”

JagzFX_EAX_Angleator_v1_04.ex4 – Downloaded 106 times – 41.84 KB