Those of you who have seen the CCFp weekly signals thread on Forex Factory will be familiar with the excellent CMSM indicator coded by the awesome grandaevus.

  • I have checked the PIN against v21.05 of the Currency Momentum Strength Meter and it appears to be working ok, but let me know if you find any problems.
  • Get the CMSM indicator from the above link
  • Place the indicator on the same chart as the PIN
  • Ensure that the indicator IDs match, and set up the CMSM indicator as you want it (defaults are good).
  • If you need more information on CMSM I suggest asking in the CCFp weekly signals thread.
CMSM Indicator Settings
PIN Settings

Download “JagzFX Currency Momentum Strength Meter (CMSM) PIN”

JagzFX_CMSM_PIN_v24_01.ex4 – Downloaded 303 times – 31.45 KB