The All Averages indicator originally developed by TrendLaboratory conveniently brings a wide range of moving averages together into one place. I’ve found this indicator very useful for testing trend baselines and exits for trading strategies. Having found some interesting settings, it’s then easy to turn AllAverages into a multi-symbol indicator using JagzFX ONE Pin.

However, I found All Averages input parameters were complex for use with the pin, taking time to work out and leading to incorrect configuration. Therefore, I have made a version that incorporates the following customizations:

  • Remove settings that are duplicated in ONE Pin such as timeframes, alerts, etc.
  • Added a number prefix to the average and price types.

In the following images, see how the All Averages Inputs are all now prefixed as numbers. These numbers can be entered directly into the ONE Pin parameter input (separated by commas).

All Averages: the new simplified settings
All Averages: the new simplified settings
JagzFX ONE PIN using JagzFX All Averages indicator

Download “JagzFX All Averages”

jagzfx_allaverages.ex4 – Downloaded 82 times – 99.33 KB

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I replaced the second image, which was showing parameters in an incorrect order.