This simple PIN allows you to set a time-frame and a Fibonacci level. The maximum and minimum prices are calculated from the time-frame (e.g. Weekly = previous week’s typical price and range) and the Fibonacci level.

Once the price moves above the maximum, or below the minimum, a signal is generated. You can choose this signal to be Breakout or Retrace.

Download “JagzFX Simple Fibonacci PivotPIN”

JagzFX_PIN_Simple_FIB_v1_01.ex4 – Downloaded 181 times – 33.18 KB

Simple Fibonacci Pivot PIN Change Log

//|                                JagzFX Simple Fibonacci Pivot PIN |
//|                                           Copyright 2020, JagzFX |
//|                                      |
//| v1.00   First version
//| v1.01   Fixed bug: Signal not reverting to zero when condition lost