JagzFX ANGLEATOR Indicator PIN for Dashboard EAX

This is a PIN version of the Angleator indicator used in Davit’s Pivot Trading thread on ForexFactory. I believe that the original version was developed by griffinssoul, but there have been other contributors over time. I have built this PIN version using my internal TDI code – the same as I used for the TDI (more…)

JagzFX Currency Momentum Strength Meter (CMSM) Indicator PIN

Those of you who have seen the CCFp weekly signals thread on Forex Factory will be familiar with the excellent CMSM indicator coded by the awesome grandaevus. I have checked the PIN against v21.05 of the Currency Momentum Strength Meter and it appears to be working ok, but let me know if you find any problems. (more…)


Here is a Multi-timeframe PIN adapted from the MegaFXProfit Indicator. Phew, got this one working just in time to catch the reaction to NFP – see screenshot! PS. I am not suggesting this as a strategy – it was just lucky timing! Thanks especially to cpips and samet on Forex Factory for identifying the potential (more…)

JagzFX PIN MULTIPLEXER for Dashboard EAX and TDesk

A new version of this product is available here. OK PIN junkies … I hear you! … this Multiplexer (MUX) will let you combine multiple PINs onto one EAX channel. Output modes There are now four different logic modes: All Agree: All Normal and Reversed inputs must agree for an output signal to be given. (more…)

JagzFX 10 BAR STRATEGY PIN for Dashboard EAX

This PIN was inspired by the thread Forex 10 Bar Strategy started by Zondervan. I suggest you read the thread, but I’ll try to summarise the strategy here: The 10 Bar strategy does not use indicators and essentially works by counting the number of bull bars that a pair generates in the ten hours up to London (more…)

Vesperium PAMM Account

Now also available as a Darwin JagzFx Vesperium is an automated technical and fundamental strategy trading economic news in addition to the night session (9 PM – 11 PM GMT/BST). The account is mastered on the Alpari PAMM platform using a 1:500 leverage MT4 account. I began trading this account on August 29th, 2017. All (more…)

What copier settings and lot sizing should I use?

To get reliable results from a signal and to protect your money, you need to configure the copier properly. The settings you choose will affect, amongst other things, the size of the trades on your account. DO NOT ASSUME that the default settings offered up by the copier platform are the best!